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High School Elective Critical Thinking Course

Changes happening within the system

After completing lecturer training program, lecturers will have the opportunity to enter high schools and vocational schools to lead elective courses for students.

Lead For Taiwan emphasizes creating a comfortable and open space for discussions, allowing high school students to experience interactive and question-based teaching methods within their schools. This encourages students to be more confident in expressing their ideas and inquiries. The course also provides students with more opportunities to communicate with others, collaborate on project preparations, learn teamwork, and practice their expressive abilities. As a result, students transition from merely receiving information to adopting a learning model that involves absorbing, digesting, selecting, and producing knowledge.

LFT Critical Thinking Course Categories

Duration: 6-9 weeks (12-18 hours)

Future Issues Exploration (Issue-oriented)

This course guides students in analyzing the issues the world will face in the next five years (future issues), such as electronic democracy, universal basic income, and others. The goal is to cultivate students' ability to gain insights into the social development context. Through researching these issues, students will analyze the context, core problems, stakeholders, and various perspectives related to future issues, thereby gaining a deeper understanding of the topics and developing critical thinking skills and cognitive abilities.

Critical Thinking Training (Skill-oriented)

This course introduces students to and practices three core skills of critical thinking, three types of logical reasoning, six logical fallacies, and information analysis. In the end, students will be assessed through debates and the University of Cambridge's Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) to ensure they can express their viewpoints without bias or prejudice and understand how to systematically analyze and comprehend others' perspectives. Through this course, students will build their cognitive abilities and skills in critical thinking, enabling them to conduct systematic analysis and articulate arguments in various fields and discussions on different issues in the future.


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New Taipei Municipal Banqiao Senior High School



Dayuan International High School



Taipei First Girls High School

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