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​Our Story



Taiwan's high schools emphasize knowledge-based learning in language and social studies. However, it may not prepare Taiwanese students well enough to navigate the complexities of society in the future


In 2018, Chen Xiao-Yan organized a critical thinking forum at Jianguo High School shortly after graduating from World United College. He gathered students from top colleges around the world to teach Taiwanese students critical thinking skills for four days and three nights. Despite the enthusiastic response from the students, he and a colleague from the Harvard Graduate School of Education discovered that the benefit of short-term summer training was limited. Therefore, they wanted to create a train-the-trainer system in Taiwan to establish a sustainable cycle of critical thinking education. Subsequently, they co-founded "Lead For Taiwan" alongside their partner, Lin Yu-Liang, with the objective of fostering future talents in Taiwan through critical thinking training.


Since 2021, Chen and Lin have formally established the "Taiwan Association for Leadership in the Future" and have begun to collaborate with domestic and international teams, including the Cambridge University team and professors from National Chengchi University and National Taiwan Normal University, to develop, design, and optimize a mentorship training program, future issues, and critical thinking training courses. The purpose of the program is to prepare Taiwanese university students to teach critical thinking courses in high schools for at least six weeks.

In a complex and ever-changing society, we hope that Taiwanese students will develop their critical thinking skills, problem-solving sensitivity. The goal of this training is to develop them into future leaders in society who can effectively drive the changes they desire.


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