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Community Service 

Public Critical Thinking Classes / Workshops / Educational Lectures


LFT holds at least one public welfare activity every month, providing open critical thinking courses, workshops, or inviting speakers and friends who are interested in LFT to discuss various aspects of Taiwan's education-related issues.



The purpose of LFT's educational seminars is to stimulate discussion and provide insight into Taiwanese society. By exploring various forward-looking educational topics, they hope to show the public different possibilities in education and ignite a passion for everyone to participate in educational reform.


LFT's educational seminars emphasize inclusivity; we value the participation of the general public and welcome voices from all perspectives. As a result, our educational seminars are suitable for students and individuals of different age groups. We firmly believe that everyone plays a part in educational reform and contributes to making a positive difference in the field of education.

Public Welfare

LFT believes that the discussion of educational issues is both a right and a responsibility for everyone. As a result, all our seminars are free of charge. However, if participants are willing and wish to support LFT's development, they can make donations of any amount after attending the seminar.

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