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​In the past two and a half years, more than 1,000 students have participated in our activities and courses. These experiences are not just one-time memories, but change their perspective on society for a lifetime.


LFT has enlightened my mind and taught me how to think critically. It transformed me from merely "memorizing knowledge" to actively engaging in problem-solving and analytical thinking.

During the LFT course, I acquired various methods for analyzing problems. Through speculations and systems thinking, I learned to break away from a narrow perspective and consider issues from multiple angles. LFT has equipped me with the ability to comprehend the intricacies and complexities of the world.

​Hsinchu Girls High School

Chung Xin-Tong (Student)

The educational philosophy of LFT is very different from the method of teaching knowledge up and down in school. They taught me that there is no single answer to learning, guide me to reflect on the essence of education, and help me realize that there is still a lot of life worth learning and learning outside of school. Things to pursue. It was LFT that gave me the courage to break away from the current system and chose to abandon National Taiwan University and go to UWC to re-enter two years of high school.


Graduates of Beiyi Girls High School

Guo Yu-Jie (Graduate)


It has been almost three years since I participated in the LFT Speculative Forum in the first year of high school. LFT aroused my "sense of mission" as a member of Taiwan: As long as it can bring a little positive change to the entire society, even seemingly trivial efforts are worthy of practice.


In the past, I was indifferent to the society. After participating in the speculative forum, I gradually learned about the public issues around me; I began to pay attention to the big and small things in the society, and practice public participation with actions, such as participating in parades, public platforms, and various students The forum subsequently joined the student self-media platform, from passive receivers of information to sharers of information.

​Kaohsiung Girls' High School

Yan Yu-Yi (Graduate)

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