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Become an LFT's partner

Together, promote the popularization of critical thinking education in Taiwan.

Lead For Taiwan is committed to providing courses on exploring future issues, critical thinking, and various soft skills workshops. If your organization (school, group, company) is interested in introducing our courses and workshops or has other collaboration proposals, please contact us at We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Critical Thinking Course

Lead For Taiwan's critical thinking courses last 6-9 weeks, adjustable based on partners needs

Future issues and social development

This course is relatively beginner-friendly, as it helps students develop their foundational critical thinking skills by analyzing future issues. It also guides students on how to thoroughly and comprehensively analyze a topic, engaging them in social discussions and encouraging their participation.

Critical Thinking Training

The critical thinking training covers various fields such as logical reasoning, argumentation, and information analysis, providing theoretical explanations and practical exercises. Students can systematically learn logical analysis and argumentation skills, which are highly beneficial for writing and expressing ideas effectively.

Soft Skills Workshops

Lead For Taiwan's workshops typically last for 2-4 hours or one day, adjustable based on partners needs


Systems Thinking Workshop

The Systems Thinking Workshop focuses on the problem-solving approach proposed by MIT Sloan School of Management. It employs a systematic and structural approach to identify the core issues and find solutions. The workshop adopts a macro perspective in order to understand and analyze public issues comprehensively.


Critical Thinking Workshop

Critical thinking is one of the essential skills recognized by global education experts for the 21st century, emphasizing the value of applying a global perspective to local practices. This workshop will provide participants with skills in logical thinking, argument construction, and other techniques to cultivate the habit of critical thinking.


Problem-Solving Workshop

In the era of AI, "problem-solving" is one of the few abilities that will never be replaced. Looking at the bigger picture, it allows us to analyze complex social issues; starting from the smaller aspects, it helps us solve problems in our daily lives. This will be a practical experience that guides everyone to learn the art of "asking the right questions" and "breaking down problems.


Issue Exploration Workshop

Through analyzing future issues, this workshop aims to help students develop their foundational critical thinking skills. It will guide students on how to comprehensively understand, analyze, and discuss a public issue, enhancing their ability to engage in issue exploration effectively.


Team Management Workshop

A high-quality team can achieve twice the results with half the effort, and managers play a crucial role in it. This workshop will provide practical business management skills to enhance communication, interpersonal relationships, and organizational abilities. It aims to help participants effectively communicate, execute systematically, and produce successful outcomes in their activities and future teamwork.

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