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Lead For Taiwan 

Provide critical thinking abilities through education to all Taiwanese youth.

Lead For Taiwan, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to promoting critical thinking education. Recognizing the need for fundamental education reform in Taiwan to maximize its impact, Lead For Taiwan advocates outreach efforts to promote discernment education. By generating a positive cycle of discernment education, we aim to accelerate the process of change and sustain its impact. Since 2018, Lead For Taiwan has organized lecturer training programs and taught elective courses in high schools, empowering over 6,000 Taiwanese adolescents to investigate major social issues and develop critical thinking skills.

Our Mission


Public Engagement

Empower students to gain a comprehensive understanding of social concerns and establish meaningful connections to their own circumstances.


Interactive Learning

Facilitate student engagement through discussions and reflective exercises to grasp the broader perspective and shape their own viewpoints.


Soft-skills Training

Provide competency-based programs that aid students in acquiring the skills they need for the future.

Our Impact

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People Impacted


School Partners


Trained lecturers


Course Sessions



自 2018 年1月計算至2023年12月


郭羽婕 (Kuo yu-jie)

Taipei First Girl Highschool

Thanks to Lead For Taiwan; I want to inform all of you who are working or will be striving to improve the educational system in schools, like what I am doing now, no matter how insignificant it may appear, will never be in vain because without you, my life would not

have changed so much.

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